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They arrived by a special teleporting frequency — private, with security checks at beam-in and beam-out — in a small, cluttered, but still well-kept laboratory. Two metallic beds in the middle: one empty; another with an offline male reploid, arms, legs and face human-passing, with his purple armor disassembled on the counters close to the left wall. At the right wall, a peach-colored capsule contained an unfinished combat armor with the same color. There was also a large computer opposite the door and its smaller terminals scattered around the counters, together with memory storage cubes and some tools.

"We arrived at the right place, at least. It does not mean we are safe, so try to not talk or even use radio too much," said Alia, picking a clean white lab coat from one of the counter drawers, "I'll explain about everything here later. Do not worry about Gate," she said, pointing to the unconscious reploid, "He'll not wake up."

As for X, it was hard to not worry about a dead Maverick being reconstructed under his nose, but he remembered that Alia promised to take care of him after the Sixth. It was not the time to have an argument about him. "So, what to do?"

"Zero, keep guard at the door. Axl, you'll be first, since your transition was simpler. Douglas, take care of the mechanical procedures and vital states while I do the rollback. And X, check if Axl starts to act Maverick. Sorry, I know you have no weapons, but containing him for seconds is enough for me to get armed," said Alia, getting the backups from the trio's previous bodies.

"Understood." Damn, why X did to be the sabotaged one? Why he was forced to be dead weight until his turn? But then, what would he do? Even paying attention at the rollback process could be dangerous. Better to trust Alia; this was not the time to be the hero.

My purpose

Jul. 22nd, 2014 08:07 pm
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"Humans and robots living together in harmony and equality. That was my ultimate wish."
- Dr. Thomas Light


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